Melissa is the founder of the Healing Hearts Institute.  She was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the oldest of six girls.  She graduated from the College of Eastern Utah in 1995 with an associates degree.  She has personally studied alternative health since 1992.  She went to school at the Institute of Healing Arts in April 2001, completed a 1000 credit hour course, and graduated a year later in April 2002.  Melissa has twelve years of  experience As an Emotional Release Facilitator, and eight years experience in Theta Healing, Emotional Aromatic Touch, & Physical Aromatic Touch.  These techniques have been marvelous tools in her personal life.  It has been her desire to teach others how to come to their center in knowing their “I Am” within, or in others words, to know who they are.  Melissa sees clients on a private basis,and she does phone sessions, as well as teaching seminars.  Her philosophy is, if  you give a person a fish, you feed them for a day.  If you teach them to fish, you feed them for a life time! Melissa was personally taught by Pam Robinson who is the director of the Institute of Healing Arts, and author of  her book, “The Bright Red Bow.”  The book includes Pam’s story, case studies, and the steps of the process. By following the steps of the process, issues can be brought to closure.  This specific technique is just one of many ways to do Emotional Release work.  The process is a combination of several modalities including:  MRT(muscle response testing), biokinesiology, NLP(neuro-linguistic programming), visualization, chakra work, emotion points, role playing, speaking out feelings, and inner childwork. By using this technique, Melissa has helped hundreds of clients by assisting them in discovering their true worth and eliminateing negative belief systems and behaviors that are no longer effective. The process works!  

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